IHEID Junior Fellowship

The joint fellowship program of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID) in Geneva and the IWM supported PhD students and young doctoral graduates who wanted to pursue their research as Junior Visiting Fellows at the IWM. Those eligible for a fellowship were PhD students at the Graduate Institute in Geneva who had already completed empirical research for their dissertation after a successful MPT defense, as well as young doctoral graduates.


If you would like to receive any information about this or any other past program, please contact fellowships@iwm.at

Graduate Institute Fellowships were in cooperation with the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva (IHEID) and generously supported by the Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation.


  • Secession in Contemporary International Law with a Special Reference to the post-Soviet Space , -
  • On Post-Backlash Human Rights Law , -
  • European Humanitarian Efforts in Transylvania and Bukovina in the Great War Era , -
  • The Pain of Plenty , -
  • Entangled Encounters: Empires, Forms of Knowledge and Connected Histories of Global War and Governance in the Indo-Myanmar (Burma) Borderworlds , -
  • Diplomacy of Blood and Fire: Portuguese Decolonization and the Global South , -
  • Protest in Authoritarian Regimes—From Everyday Resistance to PopularUprisings: Tunisia and Czechoslovakia in the Decade Before the Revolution , -
  • Epistemic Pluralities and Geopolitics—Truth and Diplomacy in the United Nations Security Council , -
  • Natural Disaster: Historical Perspectives on the Development of International Law and Norms , -
  • Protecting the Vital: Biosafety and the Commodification of Genetically-Engineered Cotton Seeds in Colombia , -
  • Identities and Preferences: A Theory for Understanding Jurisprudential Policies of International Courts , -
  • Human Rights and the End of Status , -
  • The Principle of (Non)Intervention: Inter-Polity Systems since the Seventeenth Century , -
  • Social Exclusion and Economic Integration Strategies of Roma in Turkey , -
  • Phosphate and Politics in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan: Reshaping Rulers-Ruled Relationship under Neoliberal Capitalism , -
  • The Nexus Between Land Redistribution and Violence-Evidence in West Bengal , -
  • Rethinking Democratic Politics: Affect, Violence and Communist Politics in North Kerala , -
  • Temporality and Coloniality in International Legal Discourse , -