Ukraine in European Dialogue Fellowship Program

Distinguished Guests

Understanding Ukraine, and treating Ukrainians as equal partners in our societies’ pursuit of the common values we profess, is vital for the future of the European endeavor. Initiated in 2015 by Permanent Fellow Timothy Snyder, UiED is dedicated to enabling sustained contact and exchange between scholars, public intellectuals, journalists, activists and policymakers from Ukraine and the rest of Europe.

Ukraine in European Dialogue Fellowships are awarded by invitation to notable scholars, cultural figures, and public intellectuals from Ukraine, as well as outstanding international scholars who have demonstrated longstanding intellectual solidarity with Ukraine.

The Ukraine in European Dialogue program also includes Junior Visiting Fellowships 


Katherine Younger
Research Director, Ukraine in European Dialogue


  • The Trajectory of the Miners’ Movement in the Donbas, 1989-1993, -
  • Green Corridors: It is Fairer to Call Them Red, -
  • What Power Does Art Have during the War?, -
  • Tony Judt as a Public Intellectual: Creativity, Intellectual Network and Civil Courage, -
  • The Fall of the Iron Curtain: International History of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, -
  • Prof. Hans Koch in the Second World War, -
  • The Killings Lived On: Legacies of World War II Inter-Communal Violence in Western Ukraine, -
  • The Killings Lived On: Legacies of World War II Inter-Communal Violence in Western Ukraine, -
  • Russia and the Western Far Right, -
  • Mute Avant-garde: Ukrainian Film in the 1920s, -
  • Voices vs. Ideologies, -
  • The Role of Witnesses in Digital Media: The Case of the War in the Donbas, -
  • Ukraine in European Dialogue Solidarity Fellowship, -
  • The Maidan Murder Trial: Facing the Other, -
  • Poland and the Polish Question in Ukrainian-Russian Relations before 1914, -
  • “Heroes Do Not Die?” New Commemorative Practices in Post-Maidan Eastern Ukraine, -
  • “Symbols of Freedom”—Western Ukrainian Hippies in the Soviet Era and Today, -
  • How Right is the Left?, -
  • The International–Kyiv Biennial 2017, -
  • Childhood in a Totalitarian Society: The “True Leninists” of Soviet Ukraine, 1929-1939, -
  • Ukraine and the New European Order, -
  • The Geopolitical Dimension of Ukraine’s Cooperation with Central and Eastern European Countries under Conditions of Russian Aggression, -
  • Lakonische Verse in der Katastrophe, -
  • «Homo Militans»: The Motivation of Paramilitary Fighters in Ukraine, -
  • Heroes and Antiheroes in National Narratives of CEE Countries in 20th Century, -
  • Ordinary People under Occupation: Mechanisms of Formation and Presentation of Biographies, -