Democracy Fellowship

Distinguished Guests

Franz Graf

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  • The Life, Work, and After-Lives of the Psychiatrist Frantz Fanon, -
  • Culture Wars Going Global: A Look from a Periphery, -
  • Meritocracy and the Crisis of Liberal Representative Democracy, -
  • Forms, Style and Manners: Democracy as a Way of Life, -
  • Understanding the Elite Networks Driving the Far Right, -
  • Modernism Amidst War and Exile: Rediscovering and Translating Irmgard Keun’s writings 1933-1950, -
  • Aprės d’adhésion, le deluge: Democratic Governance in Post-Accession Eastern Europe, -
  • The Remains of the Real. Politics after Postmodernism, -
  • Europe’s Border Crisis 2015–2017: When Different Worlds Collide, -
  • Spirit of the Age: How Did We Get from Love MeDo to Trump?, -
  • Theories of the Origins of Money, -
  • Good Refugee, Bad Refugee: The Politics of the European Refugee Crisis, -
  • Democracy Fellowship, -
  • “Take Back Control” – Politics After Neoliberalism, -
  • Climate Change: Policy, Knowledge and Democracy, -
  • Christian Democracy: A New Intellectual History, -
  • Is Democracy in Decline?, -
  • Beyond Protests and Corruption Scandals: Turkey’s Democratic Future and Changing International Relations, -
  • Urban Stages of Protest. Balkan Cities as Symptom, -
  • The Two Faces of the Kremlin: Supporting the Far Right, Manipulating the Left, -