Please find below a list of staff at the IWM. if you are unsure of whom to contact please call our switchboard on +43-1-313-58-0 and our reception will be happy to help direct you.

All IWM staff email addresses follow the pattern

Katharina Hasewend, Acting Executive Director

Lidiia Akryshora, Research Assistant, Ukraine in European Dialogue (ext. 106)
Aref Alemi, IT and Technical Assistant (ext. 101)
Clemena Antonova, Research Director, Eurasia in Global Dialogue (ext. 102)
Maria Derntl, Assistant to the Rector (ext. 203)
Leonie Dworsky, Fellows Program and Project Assistant (ext. 114)
Jakob Fürst, Head of Programs (ext. 205)
Franz Graf, Fellows Program Coordinator (ext. 104)
Katharina Gratz, Head of Library and IWM Archive (ext. 107)
Sarah Hayes, Head of Digital Communications (ext. 206)
Klaus Hoffelner, Office Administrator (ext. 111)
Barbara Jarosz, Kitchen Assistant (ext. 510)
Evangelos Karagiannis, Research and Publications Coordinator (ext. 218)
Nikola Ksiazek, Event Management Assistant (ext. 118)
Andrea Kuch-Lachnik, Accounting Manager, HR Administrator (ext. 209)
Sherife Luli, Reception (ext. 199)
Sarah Ocsenas, Communications Assistant (ext. 217)
Dino Pasalic, Europe’s Futures Project Manager (ext. 119)
Patricia Roisz, Accountant (ext. 105)
David Soucek, IT and Technical Administrator (ext. 101)
Alexander Stäudelmayr, Intern (ext. 117)
Katherine Younger, Research Director, Ukraine in European Dialogue (ext. 109)
Anna-Maria Zakarias, Head of Kitchen (ext. 510)