Library and Collections

IWM Library

The IWM library is a public, non-lending, open-stack facility distributed throughout the institute.

It began with just one bookshelf and has grown to contain around 40.000 volumes of books and periodicals over the years. The composition of the collection and its languages reflect the broad fields of research at the Institute, past and present. In over twenty languages—predominately German, English, French, Czech and Polish—the topics range from philosophy, history, political science, the social sciences, anthropology to gender studies and many more.

The collection guidelines follow and adapt to the research projects and their needs at any given time. Next to key texts, collected works and critical editions, the library also collects the publications of the Institute’s permanent fellows and former visiting fellows, especially all published translations that were realized through our Paul Celan Visiting Fellowships.

Jan Patočka Archive

The Jan Patočka Archive was established in 1984 under the auspices of the research program The Philosophical Work of Jan Patočka which aims at collecting, exploring and disseminating the Czech philosopher’s oeuvre. The Archive has provided the basis for extensive research on his thought and numerous editions of his works in various languages.

The archive aims to collect all published primary works by and the secondary literature on Jan Patočka in all languages. The books are available to the same conditions as the IWM’s in house library for visiting fellows and external users.

The archive collection consists of manuscripts, typescripts and correspondence pieces, some of which are copies from the original documents, stored in the Archiv Jana Patočky in Prague.

The archive collections can be consulted by contacting permanent fellow Ludger Hagedorn, head of the Patočka Research Focus and Archive. Prior to the first visit, the archive’s user guidelines have to be read, and the terms of usage signed.

More information on the Jan Patočka fellowships.

IWM Archive

The IWM Archive documents the Institute’s work and thus its history. 

The institute is currently in the process of cataloging its archive materials dating from 1982 – 2014. This collection stores all materials created or received by the institute’s fellows and staff connected to projects, conferences, research foci, fellowships, publications, as well as materials connected to the daily administrative work at the institute. In addition to this a digital repository will be created to store administrative and research records as well as photographic, audio and video materials.

More information on the collection guidelines and copyright issues can be found in the documents below. Parts of the archive are not accessible to the public until further notice.

Krzysztof Michalski Archive

The Krzysztof Michalski archive was established in 2019 in order to make the work of the IWM’s founding rector available for research and publication.

It consists of a part of Michalski’s estate, which has been given to the IWM by the heirs to preserve, protect and, where possible, make available for research.

The materials range from correspondence pieces, personal documents and various pieces linked to his work and life, to the literary estate of Michalski: an extensive Bibliography of all published and unpublished materials by Krzysztof Michalski and a corresponding collection of originals or copies of all pieces listed.

More information on the collection guidelines and copyright issues can be found in the documents below. Prior to the first visit the archive’s user guidelines have to be read, and the terms of usage signed.

Please note: Currently all correspondence pieces and personal documents are not accessible to the public.

Contact and User Guidelines

Mag. Katharina Gratz M.A.(LIS), head of library and IWM-archive

The library’s collection is accessible at all times to visiting fellows and staff, who are welcome to take books to their offices at the institute.

The library is open during the reception desk's office hours (8:30 - 14:30) for the general public.

External users are asked to contact the librarian prior to their first visit to arrange a time and date, especially when research materials have to be prepared for their visit.

Find more information in the library’s user guidelines.

Archive user guidelines and terms of usage: