Kateryna Priakhina



The experience of the countries of the world shows that government cannot exist without the support of society. In these conditions, lobbying becomes an important means of communication, without which it is difficult to ensure the interests of the public and authorities. In the case of Ukraine, the macro trends of the practice of representing interests in the political sphere can be viewed against the background of the processes of its cultural and civilizational modernization. In such conditions of constant transformation of the Ukrainian political system, it is impossible not to notice the process of constituting the institution of lobbying, or the numerous attempts to legalize it according to the civilized models of Western countries, and international and European standards. The Federal Regulation of Lobbying Act of 1946 is a statute enacted by the United States. In Ukraine, however, it is still not possible to legalize lobbying. Legal regulation of lobbying would ensure publicity and transparency in government decision-making. This is the basis of a democratic country.

The objective of the project is to substantiate the need for civilized lobbying in Ukraine, thereby ensuring a positive image of the country and its entry into the world economic, political and cultural space.

Detailed goals of the project:
- Explore the theoretical and methodological principles of lobbying
- Analyze the cultural and communication features of lobbying as a process
- Conduct research on the world practice of lobbying development
- Assess the state of lobbying in the EU and the US and its impact on image
- Analyze the current state of lobbying in Ukraine
- Develop recommendations for the implementation of state regulation of lobbying in Ukraine

This Residential Fellowship for Ukrainian Scholars is made possible by a cooperation with the Research Center for the History of Transformations (RECET).