Residential Fellowships for Scholars from Ukraine

Fellowship Programs

This program offers 18 outstanding Ukrainian scholars a two-month fellowship at the IWM.


Fellows are doctoral students as well as established scholars in the humanities and social sciences. Candidates are affiliated with a Ukrainian university or research institution or have received at least one of their academic credentials from one. 


Selected fellows have been invited to spend two months at the IWM between May and December 2022.

Visiting Fellows will receive a stipend of EUR 2,500 per month to cover accommodation, living expenses, health insurance and any incidentals related to their stay in Vienna.

In addition, the IWM provides the fellow with office space, in-house research and administrative facilities as well as an in-house lunch and other services free of charge.

Visiting Fellows must spend the duration of their fellowship in Vienna.


Katherine Younger

Permanent Fellow, IWM 

These fellowships are generously funded by the City of Vienna.


  • Small and Mighty: How Benelux Countries Respond to the European Integration of Ukraine, -
  • Art, Truth, and Propaganda in the Digital Age: Ukrainian Poetry in the Hybrid War, -
  • Multispecies Ruptures: Stories of Displacement and Human-Plant Relations from Donbas, Ukraine, -
  • "Stand on the Right Side of History": Enterprises and Society in the Russia-Ukraine War, -
  • The Greek Catholic Church and the Ukrainian Diaspora in Austria: Cooperation in the Interests of the Church and Society, -
  • Shiism in the Post-Soviet Space: The Impact of New Media, -
  • Poetry Migration, -
  • Translation as Resistance: Language, Politics and Cultural Colonialism in Soviet Ukraine, -
  • Ukrainian Civil Society, Volunteer and Professional Networks During the War, -
  • Socialist Realism in Ukrainian Soviet Art History and Art Criticism, 1950s–60s, -
  • International Development and Vulnerability in the Frontline Communities of the Donbas, -
  • War, Society, and the Arts: Artistic Expressions in Ukraine, -
  • Men, Gendered Borders, and Geographical (Im)Mobility in Times of War, -
  • Friend or Foe?: Religious Organizations and European Institutions in the Face of Russia’s War on Ukraine, -
  • Connected by Water: The Ukrainian South from Stalin to Independence, -
  • Speaking Objects and Spaces: Materiality and Environment in the Midst of Famines in Soviet Ukraine, -
  • What Power Does Art Have during the War?, -
  • “New Soviet Woman” in Ukraine of the 1920-1930s: Ways of Self-Representation, -