Katherine Younger

Katherine Younger is an IWM Permanent Fellow and Research Director of our Ukraine in European Dialogue program. She is a historian of modern Europe, with a particular focus on Ukraine and Eastern Europe more broadly. She received her PhD from Yale University in 2018.

Both her involvement in Ukraine in European Dialogue and her research are predicated on an awareness that integrating Ukraine into intellectual and public discourse is vital to understanding Europe and the broader world, both historically and in the present.

Currently, her research concentrates on practices of international politics, forms of imperial governance, and the relationship between religion and power in the long 19th century. Her current book project, based on her dissertation, looks at the role of the Greek Catholic/Uniate Church in European politics from the Partitions of Poland to the turn of the 20th century.

Fields of research:

  • Politics of religion, church-state relations, and the relationship between religion and power
  • Intellectual networks and the circulation of ideas
  • The European state system and forms of foreign policy
  • Habsburg and Russian imperial ideology and governance
  • Concepts of the Slavic world and their practical manifestations

Former affiliations at the IWM:

2016-2018: Research Associate, Ukraine in European Dialogue
2014-2015: Research Associate, United Europe – Divided History
2014: Junior Visiting Fellow