20 Days in Mariupol

this human world - International Human Rights Film Festival
Visual and Performing Arts

The 2023 Ukraine entry for the Oscar reveals the fate of Ukrainian journalists in the embattled harbour city of Mariupol. As the last international voices on the ground, they record the atrocities of the Russian invasion. Despite the constant threat of bombs and a lack of resources, they try tirelessly to make their reports accessible to the world. They defy enormous dangers and the omnipresence of Russian troops to expose the unvarnished truth—a gripping insight into courageous war reporting and journalism portraying a country under siege.



After the screening, there was a discussion on "Documentaries as a Fragile Shelter for Truth, Responsibility, and Impact". The conversation was moderated by Kseniya Kharchenko, project manager of the Documenting Ukraine programme at the IWM and writer. The panel included well-known personalities such as Alisa Kovalenko, film director (We Will Not Fade Away); Roman Liubyi, film director (Iron Butterflies); Stephane Siohan, film producer and Kyiv correspondent for Libération. 


This film was presented within “The Context of Truth,” a special program curated by Olga Birzul in collaboration between the Documenting Ukraine program at the IWM and this human world — International Human Rights Film Festival. Four selected documentaries gave the context of Ukrainian reality and highlighted the virtues of care, solidarity, empathy, and resilience that help to counteract Russian agony.