Emma Goldman Fellowship

Fellowship Programs

Objective and Eligibility

The Emma Goldman Visiting Fellowships, named after international anarchist, writer and lecturer Emma Goldman (1869–1940), are a collaboration between the IWM and the FLAX Foundation. Every academic year, the FLAX Foundation will issue awards to talented and engaged scholars of feminist and inequality issues in Europe, to support their research and development. Two researchers among the Emma Goldman awardees will then be chosen to be awarded the Emma Goldman Visiting Fellowships, which are hosted by the IWM.

The IWM will host two Emma Goldman visiting Fellows every academic year, beginning in 2020, until 2025. A jury, consisting of representatives of the IWM and the FLAX Foundation, will choose the two Fellows among the Emma Goldman awardees. 

The awards will be given to individuals residing in Europe (independent of citizenship or immigration status). Awarded researchers will meet the criteria of having extraordinary expertise on, and engagement with, scholarship in the field of feminist and inequality issues, a track record of substantial contributions to knowledge on feminist and inequality issues in Europe, a track record of collaboration and solidarity, public spirit and originality, insight into their chosen field, and potential for future contribution to knowledge. The annual Emma Goldman Award Ceremony is hosted by the IWM. 


The Fellows will work in residence at the IWM for one month pursuing their research projects as members of IWM’s international scholarly community. The IWM will provide office space, IT, administrative and research infrastructure at the Institute as well as other services free of charge to the Fellows. The Fellowship may be taken up between September 1 and June 30 every year.

Each Fellow will receive a stipend of EUR 50,000 in total. Travel and rent in Vienna will be covered up to an amount of EUR 2,500 per person.  

Cooperation Partner

The Emma Goldman Fellowships are a collaboration between the IWM and the FLAX Foundation. The FLAX Foundation generates and supports innovative research and knowledge on feminist and inequality issues in Europe, in order to contribute to a society with more social justice, equality and solidarity. The FLAX Foundation seeks to especially stimulate the development of social sciences and the humanities when it comes to inequalities and social justice.

The FLAX Foundation’s Executive Board consists of IWM Non-Resident Permanent Fellow Mieke Verloo (Chair of the Board), Petra Meier, and Jacqueline van de Pol.


Kasper Nowak
Fellowship Program Coordinator 

Emma Goldman, (1869–1940) was an international anarchist, writer and lecturer. Born in Kovno, Russian Empire, to a Jewish family, she emigrated to the United States when she was only 16 years of age. Her writings and lectures, known for attracting thousands, spanned a wide variety of issues including militarism, atheism, freedom of speech, women’s rights, capitalism, free love, and homosexuality. She was imprisoned several times for her astute and unapologetic political commentary and eventually deported to Russia. Initially supportive of the October Revolution, she later denounced the Soviet Union for its violent repression of independent voices and left in 1923. She then lived in England, Canada and France as well as in Spain, supporting the anarchist revolution there. She died 1940 in Toronto, Canada.


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