Mieke Verloo

Mieke Verloo is Professor of Comparative Politics and Inequality Issues at Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen and Non-Resident Permanent Fellow at the IWM. Her research experience lies mainly in the field of equality policies, feminist methodology and social movements. Since the early 90s, the analysis, development and design of gender equality policies has been at the heart of her research, consultancy and teaching. For the next 5 years, she is increasingly linking attention for strategies against gender inequality to other axes of privilege and power, such as race/ethnicity, class and sexuality.

Research Projects:

  • Quality in gender+equality policies 2006-2011 (www.quing.eu)
  • Gender inequality as a policy problem 2003-2006 (www.mageeq.net)


Former affiliations at the IWM:
2002, Guest
2001, Visiting Fellow