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The Emma Goldman Award Ceremony is for research on feminism and inequality. The presentation of the 2021 Emma Goldman Award winners, and the 2020 Snowball Awardees at the IWM on September 2, 2021

Feminist Emma Goldman (1869-1940) is considered one of the most important protagonists of American anarchism and the early peace movement. Her wildly popular speeches and prolific writings dealt with the themes of militarism, fascism, capitalism, migration, marriage, free love, and homosexuality. In 2020, in memory of feminist Emma Goldman (1869-1940), and in recognition of the painful current she was brave enough to address, the independent FLAX Foundation inaugured Emma Goldman Awards to support innovative research on feminist and inequality issues.

The FLAX Foundation, based in the Netherlands, issues two types of prizes: the Emma Goldman Awards (EUR 50,000) and the Emma Goldman Snowball Awards (EUR 10,000). Both are awarded annually to selected candidates resident in Europe (regardless of their citizenship or immigration status) for their outstanding achievements and contributions to research on feminism and inequality. By giving researchers sufficient space and time for their work, and helping them present it to the public, the FLAX Foundation contributes to the promotion and advancement of the social sciences and humanities, especially in the areas of inequality and social justice.

The award ceremony is twofold, starting with presenting the seven 2020 Emma Goldman Snowball awardees, who had no earlier chance for a celebration due to COVID restrictions, and the seven new 2021 Emma Goldman awardees. 

Both the 2020 Emma Goldman Snowball awardees and the 2021 Emma Goldman Awards are introduced by Mieke Verloo, Chair of the FLAX Foundation. Akwugo Emejulu,  Professor of Sociology at Warwick University and one of the 2020 awardees, gave a keynote speech on „The Lonely Activist". In addition, Agata Lisiak, former junior Fellow at the IWM and professor at Bard College Berlin, will talk on “Recalcitrant: Emma Goldman, Rosa Luxemburg, and the politics of waywardness”.

The IWM hosts two Emma Goldman Fellows each year, until 2025. The application and selection process is handled by the FLAX Foundation. The 2021 Fellows will be announced in the coming weeks. 

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The 2021 Emma Goldman Awardees are: 

Dr. Merav Amir, Senior Lecturer and Research Fellow at Queen’s University Belfast.      

Dr. Stefanie Claudine Boulila, Lecturer Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts & Visiting Lecturer University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland Valais. 

Dr. Rosalind Cavaghan, Independent Expert and Research Consultant & Visiting Researcher, University of Edinburgh.

Sara Garbagnoli, Independent researcher afilliated to LEGS, CNRS – Université de Paris 8 & to Università di Verona.

Prof.dr. Anelis Kaiser Trujillo, Professor Gender Studies in STEM, University of Freiburg.

Dr. Ana Miškovska Kajevska, independent researcher, also affiliated to the University of Amsterdam

Prof.dr. Ingrid Robeyns, Chair ‘Ethics of institutions’, Utrecht University & PI ERC Consolidator project “Fair Limits”.


The 2020 Emma Goldman Snowball Awardees are: 

Dani Curbelo, trans artist and activist (Canary Islands, Spain).

Ian de la Rosa, award winning filmmaker (Victor XX, 2015), (Spain). 

Fabio Andrés Díaz Pabón, political scientist and public intellectual (Netherlands & South Africa).

Clarice Gargard, TV and newspaper journalist, writer, filmmaker, and activist (Netherlands).

Dominique Haensell, independent academic, writer and editor (Germany).

Nasta Mancewicz, feminist and queer activist, poet, translator, and journalist (Belarus).

Dorottya Rédai, independent scholar and activist (Hungary).


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