Emma Goldman Awards Ceremony

FLAX Foundation Award 2021 for Research on Feminism and Inequality

The IWM was proud to host the second Emma Goldman Awards ceremony, awarded since 2020 by the FLAX Foundation. These awards are given to talented and engaged scholars working on feminist and inequality issues in Europe, to support their research and development. The FLAX Foundation issues two types of awards: the Emma Goldman Awards and the Emma Goldman Snowball Awards for earlier-career researchers nominated by the Emma Goldman awardees.

IWM Permanent Fellow Ludger Hagedorn opened the evening with a welcome address, followed by Professor Agata Lisiak (Bard College, Berlin), a former IWM Junior Visiting Fellow, who talked on “Recalcitrant: Emma Goldman, Rosa Luxemburg, and the Politics of Waywardness”.

The keynote speech was given by Professor Akwugo Emejulu (Warwick University, UK), an inaugural Emma Goldman awardee, who spoke on “The Lonely Activist”.

The awards ceremony that followed presented both the seven 2020 Emma Goldman Snowball Award winners who did not have an earlier opportunity for celebration due to COVID-19 restrictions, as well as the seven new 2021 Emma Goldman Awardees.