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Fellowship Programs

In this joint fellowship program, which started in 2014, the European Forum at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna award an IWM Visiting Fellowship every second academic year.

Applications are open to doctoral students or faculty members of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem whose research interests correspond with the IWM's research fields.

The selected fellows will be invited to spend six months at the IWM. Coming from different disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, they pursue their research project as members of the IWM's international, multidisciplinary scholarly community.


Eligible to apply for a fellowship are PhD candidates or faculty members in any discipline within the humanities and social sciences whose research interests correspond with the IWM’s main research fields.


The application should be submitted electronically to cas@savion.huji.ac.il and should contain the following documents:

  1. the application form
  2. a concise research proposal in English (max. 4 pages, double spaced, A4)
  3. abstract (appr 70 words)
  4. a curriculum vitae and passport photo
  5. two references (scholars familiar with the applicant’s academic work)

Deadline for Application is April 04, 2021.

Applicants will be notified about the decision by May, 09, 2021.


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Franz Graf
Fellows Program Coordinator 


  • Cultural Diplomacy and Collective Memory: Reviewing Austrian-Israeli Relations, -
  • The Digital Transformation of Holocaust Memory in Times of COVID-19: Prospects and Challenges for European Societies, Israel and the World, -
  • Between Conflict and Resonance Holocaust Memory in the Digital Age - Prospects and Challenges for European Societies, -
  • Innovation and Transfer of Knowledge between Central Europe and Palestine/Israel: An Intellectual Biography of Shmuel Hugo Bergman, -
  • German Political Foundation as a Foreign Policy Tool: Israel, Germany and the German Foundations, -
  • Objects to Erase with: A Historico-Philosophical Perspective, -
  • The Impact of the “Prague Spring” on Jewish and Arab Intellectuals in Israel. Hebrew Translations and Adaptations of Iberian Literature (16th and 17th Centuries), -
  • The Impact of the “Prague Spring” on Jewish and Arab Intellectuals in Israel, -
  • Books and Libraries as Witnesses of the Holocaust: Monuments in Vienna,Berlin and Jerusalem, -
  • Discursive Framing of Zones in Europe, -
  • Sammy Gronemann –A Study in Satire, Secularism, and the Sacred, -
  • Does Social Inequality Lead to Political Inequality in Postcommunist Europe?, -
  • European Identity and the Function of Boredom, -