Boston University and College Junior Fellowship

The Junior Visiting Fellowship program in cooperation with Boston University and Boston College offered graduate students in the Humanities and Social Sciences the opportunity to pursue their dissertation research in residence at the IWM in Vienna as members of the Institute’s international and multidisciplinary scholarly community consisting of Permanent and Visiting Fellows. 

Fellowships were awarded for a period of six to ten months. In order to qualify, applicants needed to be full-time graduate students and have a well-conceived research project that corresponded to the IWM’s fields of research or policy oriented projects.

Applications were especially encouraged from doctoral and post-doctoral candidates in Anthropology, International Relations, Modern History, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, Sociology, and from master’s degree candidates in Journalism or International Relations.

Presented below is a selection of fellowships. As this is a past program we are working through our archives to ensure that fellows and fellowships are represented accurately. If you were a fellow under this program, please do get in touch with us.


If you would like to receive any information about this or any other past program, please contact

As an Institute we had close ties to Boston: The Institute for Human Sciences (IHS) at Boston University was established in November 2001 as a joint initiative of the University and the IWM. It was an independent, interdisciplinary center for advanced study in the humanities and social sciences, and Boston University. 


  • From Private Regulation to Public Policy: The Case of Corporate Non-Financial Reporting , -
  • Changing Norms of Political Violence in Intrastate Disputes , -
  • Nietzsche and Happiness , -
  • Democratization, Identity, and the Impact of EU Conditionality in the Western Balkans , -
  • The Narrativizing Self , -
  • Is it Really Islamic? Piousness and Religious Life in Amman, Jordan , -
  • Being Palestinian Refugee in Lebanon: Social Referents, Ritual Tempoand Belonging in a Christian and aMuslim Palestinian Refugee Camp , -
  • International Politics of Umma in a Secular Europe? The Impact of Culturalist Arguments , -
  • Can There Be a Politics of Nature? , -
  • A Comparative Study of Lustration in Central and Eastern Europe , -
  • They Shoot Citizens, Don’t They? The state-system and its varying citizens – an ambiguous terminology and an unpredictable being. The case of the Palestinian citizens of Israel. , -
  • Ethical Dimensions in Martin Heidegger's Early Thinking , -
  • Attention and Judgment in Perception , -
  • Global Justice and the Reform of Bretton Woods: “New Institutionalism” Meets Democratic Governance. , -
  • Environmental Ethics and Cosmopolitanism , -
  • Envisioning Trust: A Study of “Cultural Bereavement” in Sierra Leone and The Gambia , -
  • Theory and Practice, Ancient and Modern , -
  • Friedrich Nietzsche and Franz Kafka - Selfhood and Identit , -
  • A Neighbor Within the House: The State of Emergency and the Emergence of Political Consciousness! , -
  • Ludwig Wittgenstein's Remarks on Religion , -
  • Antigone's Autochthonous Voice: Echoes in Sophocles, Hölderlin, and Heidegger , -
  • Junior Visiting Fellowship , -
  • After Aesthetics: Martin Heidegger and the End of Art , -
  • Religion and Collective Identity , -
  • Plato and the Sophists , -
  • Religion in Contemporary Russia , -
  • The Modern Executive: Jefferson’s Constitutional Thought , -
  • The Impact of Politics: Dutch and Czech Responses to Nineteenth Century German Nationalism , -
  • The Theme of Wonder in Heidegger's Thoughts. , -
  • The Gender Gap and the Creation of Civil Society in Central Europe , -
  • The Sacred Order of Liberty: Protestant Millenialism andRepublican Utopianism in American Political Thought 1750-1805 , -
  • Aristotle's Metaphysics , -
  • die Ontologie und politische Philosophie Platons , -
  • The philosophical concept of identity , -
  • Junior Visiting Fellowship , -


Fellows' Publications