Umut Özkirimli


Professor, Centre for Middle Eastern Studies, Lund University; Visiting Fellow, Barcelona Center for International Studies (CIDOB); Visiting Fellow, LSEE – Research on South East Europe, LSE

Visiting Fellow, Russia in Global Dialogue
(November – December 2018)


The aim of this project is to dissect the meaning of the “crisis of liberal democracy” and to explore its relationship with the rise of far right or far left populism. More specifically, it will address the following questions: What is this crisis really about? Is it a crisis of liberalism or a crisis of democracy, or both? Does it refer to the widening gap between liberalism and democracy, i.e. the proliferation of illiberal democracies, or the erosion of fundamental freedoms and the rule of law in established democracies?

The results of this project will be part of a book provisionally titled White is the New Black: Nationalism, Populism and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy which will be published by Polity Press (Cambridge) in 2020 or 2021.