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Soli Özel in latest episode of Coffeehouse Conversations with Ivan Vejvoda

Europe's Futures Fellow, Soli Özel and IWM Acting Rector Ivan Vejvoda wrestle with the implications of a truly epochal shift in the geopolitical status quo in this latest episode of the Coffeehouse Conversations podcast.

Change of Date for Jeremy Adelman Monthly Lecture

The date for the Monthly Lecture with Jerey Adelman on "Patient Earth: The Rise and Fall of Globalization" had to be changed to 8 March 2022. 

New Visiting Fellows Starting in January

We are happy to introduce the first fellows of the new year 2022. 
Lech Walesa stands in front of the hall of guests to give a keynote speech

"Everybody is so much now for democracy..." IWM Photography Exhibition

In 1990, IWM organized the landmark conference Central Europe on the Way to Democracy, bringing together leading intellectuals and politicians from across Europe, North America and the Soviet Union to discuss Europe’s future prospects at a time of…
Man holding his child with a lifeboat behind, looking into the camera

IWMpost 128 Out Now!

  The latest issue of the IWM's magazine, IWMpost, is now available in both digital and hard copies. “Statelessness” make up the central focus of this issue. 

New Visiting Fellows Starting in December

We are happy to announce our three Visiting Fellows who will join us at the Institute in December. 
A white cover with the title in light green and black with authors name's. The cover is framed in green.

Newly published: “Faith in the World.” Post-Secular Readings of Hannah Arendt

Why not rescue the world, even while God seems completely irretrievable? A collective monograph edited by former fellow Rafael Zawisza and IWM Permanent Fellow Ludger Hagedorn explores the tacit though influential theological undercurrents in the…
Cover of the book - a red cover with the title in white

Ein neues IWM Buch: Kapitalismus im 21. Jahrhundert

Ein neues Buch aus der Zusammenarbeit des IWM mit dem Passagen Verlag ist gerade erschienen:„Kapitalismus im 21. Jahrhundert“, herausgegeben von der ehemaligen IWM-Rektorin Shalini Randeria. Mit Beiträgen von Nancy Fraser, Wolfgang Merkel, Branko…
Charles Taylor sitting in the IWM Library

Charles Taylor zum 90.

Am 5. November 2021 wird Charles Taylor, einer der überragenden Denker unserer Zeit, 90 Jahre alt. Dem IWM ist Taylor über mehr als drei Jahrzehnte aufs Engste verbunden. Leben und Werk waren und sind bei ihm untrennbar: er ist Gelehrter,…

Visiting Fellows Arriving in November

We are happy to announce our Visiting Fellows who will join us at the Institute in November. 

The Case Against Economic Sanctions by Robert Skidelsky

It is highly doubtful whether the increasing use of economic sanctions in international politics is just, expedient, or effective. And when proponents of these punitive measures claim that commerce is possible only between civilized people, they…

Europe's Futures Fellow Amanda Coakley shortlisted for NewsBrands Ireland reporting award

The IWM congratulates current Europe's Futures Fellow Amanda Coakley for being shortlisted for a "Foreign Coverage" NewsBrands Ireland reporting award.