IWMpost 133 Out Now!

, 13.06.2024
Cover of the IWMpost 133

The main essay in this IWMpost issue responds to a pervasive mood of our time. Against the backdrop of several ongoing global crises, from which it is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine a way out, apocalyptic visions of the future are booming. However, according to John Palattella, the false prophets of our time confuse the destruction of humanity with salvation. Inspired by Elizabeth Bishop, the author warns against abandoning the necessary work of understanding for the fascination of these visions.

The present issue of the IWMpost is another testimony to IWM’s disciplinary and topical diversity. The contributing authors come from the fields of history, philosophy, political science, economics, anthropology, sociology, theology, media studies, literary studies, art, and investigative journalism. The topics of the essays range from key areas of the IWM’s work—such as democracy, solidarity, and developments in Central and Eastern Europe, including war-torn Ukraine—through to pressing problems of information technology, which are attracting increasing interest worldwide, all the way to gender issues, original perspectives on care, and exciting questions about literature and society. Essays on Vienna’s past and present are not missing this time either.

I hope you enjoy the read!

Evangelos Karagiannis

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