Perspectives on the Autumn Fellows' Conference 2023

On Wednesday, 29 November, the IWM hosted the 2023 Autumn Fellows' Conference. Organized by and for emerging scholars, it constitutes a forum for exchange across disciplinary boundaries and affords researchers an opportunity to present their work…
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Culture and Cooperation in the Western Balkans with Vladimir Arsenijević

In this episode of the Vienna Coffee House Conversations, host Ivan Vejvoda welcomes IWM and ERSTE Foundation's Europe's Futures Fellow Vladimir Arsenijević for an insightful dialogue on the cultural and political landscape of post-Yugoslav Europe. 
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IWMpost 132 Out Now!

In line with the profile of the IWM and the IWMpost, this issue covers a wide range of topics. For the first time, however, the largest section of an IWMpost issue consists of essays that center on art and literature, and that use them as entry…

New Fellows Starting in December

We are happy to introduce our last fellows who will be starting their fellowship this year. You can learn more about their individual fellowships and research projects by clicking on their names. For interview requests and other media-…

Emerging Scholars Presenting at Autumn Fellows' Conference 2023

A staple of intellectual life at the IWM since its early days, the biannual conference provides an opportunity for early-career visiting researchers from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds to present their work and exchange ideas in a…
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Kadri Liik on Russia's Future in Latest Podcast Episode

In this episode of the "Vienna Coffee House Conversations," host Ivan Vejvoda welcomes Kadri Liik, a senior foreign policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations. Liik, with her extensive background in Russian and Eastern European…
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Documenting Ukraine at this human world — International Human Rights Film Festival

From 30 November to 10 December 2023, the 16th edition of the this human world — International Human Rights Film Festival will take place in various cinemas across Vienna. In a new partnership between the Documenting Ukraine program at the…
Karel Schwarzenberg im Jahr 2007 bei der Konferenz „Conditions for International Solidarity“ anlässlich der 25-Jahrfeier des IWM

Karel Schwarzenberg (10. Dezember 1937 – 11. November 2023)

Mit Karel Schwarzenberg verliert das IWM einen seiner großen Freunde und Förderer. Er war neben Erhard Busek einer der ersten, die das Institut in seinen Anfangsjahren tatkräftig unterstützten. Und diese Verbundenheit hielt an über mehr als vier…

Apply Now: Currently Open IWM Fellowship Calls

The IWM currently has numerous calls for applications for its various fellowship programs. Here you will find an overview of all currently open calls. 
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Katy Hayward on Northern Ireland’s Uncertain Peace in Latest Podcast Episode

Twenty-five years after the Good Friday Agreement brought an uneasy peace to Northern Ireland, this episode sees Ivan Vejvoda engage in an enlightening conversation with Queen's University Belfast's Katy Hayward as they examine the fragile stability…

New Fellows Starting in November

We are happy to introduce our fellows who will be starting their fellowship in November. You can learn more about their individual fellowships and research projects by clicking on their names. For interview requests and other media-related…
Book cover of the book "Co-Evolution: Die Symbiose von Mensch und Maschine"

Neue Publikation des IWM: Co-Evolution von Edward A. Lee

Das Buch von IWM Visiting Fellow Edward Ashford Lee erscheint im Rahmen des Digital Humanism–Programms am IWM und ist das erste Projekt einer neuen Kooperation zwischen dem Institut und dem Mandelbaum Verlag.