Shalini Randeria wearing an yellow top and scarf, leans on a ladder in the IWM library

Welcome to the new IWM website

The IWM aims to promote intellectual exchange across disciplines and regions, between academia and society, between experts and a variety of publics. Our new website offers a window into life at the IWM and brings you insights into the work…

Introducing our fellows arriving in April

In April we welcome five new fellows to the IWM. Read on for more information about their projects, affiliations and their associated programs.
Adam Zagajewski in front of book shelves in the IWM library giving a talk

In fremden Städten bleiben

Erinnerung an Adam Zagajewski (Lemberg/Lviv 1945 – Krakau/Craców 2021)
Fotocredit: Robert Newald, The participants in the debate sit on stage beneath a large screen reading Europa im Diskurs

Die Impfung – ein knappes Gut? Europa im Diskurs-Debatte

Der Theatersaal des Burgtheaters musste nicht nur zum Bedauern von Direktor Martin Kušej erneut leer bleiben – doch virtuell verfolgten am Sonntagvormittag zahlreiche Zuschauer*innen die Europa im Diskurs-Debatte zum Thema „Die Impfung – ein knappes…
A displacement camp comprising 2 rows of container housing and a temporary road between them. in the foreground is some brightly coloured washing. in the background three small children walk away from the camera.

Call for Applications for Global Protection of Refugees and Migrants Workshop

Applications are now open for the 2021 Annual Research and Orientation Workshop on Global Protection of Refugees and Migrants.
headshot of Felix Ackermann in black and white. He is wearing a dark shirt and light jacket standing in front of a wall of framed pictures.

IWM Visiting Fellow Comments on Lukashenko’s Cultural Activist Crackdown

Last week, the largest newspaper in Poland Gazeta Wyborcza published an article by our current Visiting Fellow Felix Ackermann about the ongoing repression of the cultural activists in Belarus.
Shalini Randeria, wearing a red jacket, is standing in the IWM library holding a book.

Rector Randeria Asking Is Facebook a Danger to Democracy?

Shalini Randeria on a Swiss Broadcasting Corporation podcast tackling whether the information sharing has become a democracy and to human rights?
Shalini Randeria in a yellow top leans on the library ladder in the IWM library, surrounded by books

Spielarten des „sanften“ Autoritarismus: Wie Demokratien demokratisch ausgehöhlt werden

Unsere Rektorin, Shalini Randeria, hat die diesjährige Christoph Probst Lecture an der Universität Innsbruck gehalten. Mit der 2020 etablierten Lecture will die Universität Innsbruck alljährlich an ihren kurzzeitigen Medizin-Studenten Christoph…
A photo looking from stage left out over a full audience at the Burgtheater with the house lights dimmed.

Die Impfung – ein knappes Gut?

„Niemand ist sicher, bevor wir alle sicher sind“, warnen internationale Organisationen vor dem allerorts aufgekommenen Impfnationalismus. Denn mit den nun verfügbaren Covid-Impfstoffen stellen sich neue drängende Fragen:
Faranak Miraftab in front of a bookshelf with colourful books behind

New event in our Seminar Series on Forced Migration

The latest event in the series, “We Are All Refugees”: Informal Settlements and Camps as Converging Spaces of Global Displacements, will take place on Wednesday March 17, 2021.
An aerial view of a red table, fellows are sitting around it with notebooks and books on top of the table, deep in discussion.

Meet Our New March Fellows

Our fellows and guests who are joining us for March have arrived in Vienna. We wanted to take the opportunity to introduce them, their projects, and affiliations.
Headshot of Jan Sokol, in front of a book case wearing a light coloured jacket

Jan Sokol in memoriam

Am 16. Februar 2021 starb Jan Sokol. Die Nachricht vom Tod des tschechischen Philosophen, Bürgerrechtlers und Politikers erfüllt uns mit großer Trauer. Er war dem Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen seit den Anfangsjahren verbunden. The…