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Yulia Zhuchkova - Alexander Herzen Junior Fellowship /program/alexander-herzen-junior-fellowship Devolution: A Promising Concept for the Post-Soviet Space
Tatiana Zhurzhenko - Ukrainian Feminism as a Political Project: from Importation to Domestication
Walther Ch. Zimmerli - Guests of the Institute /program/guests-of-the-institute The Rehabilitation of Deception: an Anticartesian Turn
Milan Zitny - Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators /program/paul-celan-fellowship-for-translators Soren Kierkegaard: Enten – Eller (DAN > SLO)
Andrei Zolotov - Russia in Global Dialogue /program/russia-in-global-dialogue Developing a Platform for Russia-EU Dialogue of Experts
Sara Zorandy - Paul Celan Fellowship for Translators /program/paul-celan-fellowship-for-translators Meir Avraham Munk: Életem Történetei [History of My Life] (Hungarian > English)
Micheline Ishay - Guests of the Institute /program/guests-of-the-institute Atlas Unbound: Internationalism and the Future of Human Rights
Kylie Thomas - EURIAS Fellowship /program/eurias-fellowship Moving Light: Photography and Transnational History