Klaus Nellen

Former Permament Fellow

For information on any past IWM projects or programs, please contact our Head of Library and IWM Archive, Mag. Katharina Gratz M.A.(LIS). 

Research Whilst at IWM

Jan Patočka Research Program

The Jan Patočka Research Program at the IWM conducts its work in close collaboration with the Jan Patočka Archive in Prague. As part of this collaboration and within several smaller research projects (either solely at the IWM or in cooperation with the ÖAW and/or FWF) many researchers spend time at the Institute to consult the archive in-house and work together on the project or participate in network meetings.

Re-thinking Europe in a Post-European Age

Research was conducted around three rubrics or aspects: a) Europe as a philosophical idea or principle; b) Europe as political and social reality; c) Europe as heritage and historical responsibility. The three aspects also require the contributions of different academic approaches: philosophy; political science and sociology; historiography. 
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