13 Stories of War

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Ukrainian photographers document and reflect on the Russian invasion.

This book brings together 13 visual essays by a diverse group of Ukrainian photographers and artists responding to the profound impact of full-scale war on their country and its people since the Russian invasion in February 2022. Moving beyond conventional narratives, these photographic testimonies are accompanied by insightful text, offering readers a nuanced and personal perspective that goes beyond typical media coverage. Delving into the themes of resilience, loss, and hope, the essays provide a vivid portrayal of the human experience amid conflict. This collection stands as a significant contribution, offering a thoughtful exploration of the multifaceted dimensions of war, inspiring empathy, and fostering a deeper understanding of the shared human experience in times of adversity.

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The book has been supported by the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna (Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, IWM) as part of the Documenting Ukraine program; the Hasselblad Foundation; and the Swedish Institute.

List of articles or chapters and contributors

Julia Kochetova - War is Personal 
Yana Kononova - Radiations of War
Evgeniy Maloletka - The Siege of Mariupol
Lisa Bukreyeva - Do Not Look at the Pain of Others
Roman Pashkovskiy - The Torture Rooms
Alena Grom - This Mad, Mad World
Sergii Polezhaka- Naїve Ukrainian Gardens
Dmytro Kozatskyi - Azovstal
Sasha Kurmaz - Red Horse
Alexander Glyadyelov - War 
Olia Koval - 12 Frames
Viacheslav Ratynskyi - New Ordinary?
Roman Bordun - Let’s Keep it for Better Times