Ayşe Çağlar

Permanent Fellow

Institute for Human Sciences

Room 504
Spittelauer Lände 3
1090 Vienna, Austria
Phone +43 1 313 58 ext. 504

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Research at IWM

Europe-Asia Research Platform on Forced Migration

Launched by the IWM in collaboration with the Mahanirban Calcutta Research Group (CRG) in June 2020, the Europe-Asia Research Platform on Forced Migration places a particular focus on South Asia and its European-Asian dimension. This collaboration advances cooperation between European and South Asian institutions and academics, while working toward innovative knowledge production on forced migration and border regimes.

Migrants in City-Making and Urban Politics

Concentrating on the contested location of migrants in the making and remaking of cities, this research focus addresses the dynamics and narratives of urban social and political inclusion and exclusion in cities. It explores the political alliances among city residents beyond historically and culturally established divides in imagining and fighting for urban futures. The aim is to examine the challenges that migrants pose to urban governance and to the struggle for social and historical justice in city-making processes.