Award Ceremony for the Inaugural Emma Goldman Awards

Visual and Performing Arts

The IWM is pleased to announce a collaboration with the FLAX Foundation, a newly founded independent foundation. Starting in 2020, the FLAX Foundation will issue awards to talented and engaged scholars of feminist and inequality issues in Europe, to support their research and development. The IWM will host two Emma Goldman Fellows each year, beginning in 2020, until 2025, funded by the FLAX Foundation.


On the 13 February 2020, the inaugural public event to present the first awardees took place at the IWM. The evening’s programme included:

  • Opening words by Shalini Randeria, Rector, IWM
  • An audiovisual presentation on Emma Goldman, by Florian Duijsens, Dead Ladies Show Berlin
  • A Lecture by Cornelia Klinger, University of Tübingen; Permanent Fellow em., IWM; Title: Race – Class – Gender: Old Axes of Inequality and New Concerns
  • Presentation of the 6 Inaugural Emma Goldman Awards by Mieke Verloo, Chair of the Flax Foundation

The FLAX Foundation issues two types of awards: the Emma Goldman Awards (EUR 50 000), and the Emma Goldman Snowball Awards (EUR 10.000). Both will be awarded annually to five to 10 selected candidates. The awards will be given to individuals residing in Europe (independent of citizenship or immigration status), based on the following criteria: extraordinary expertise on, and engagement with, scholarship in the field of feminist and inequality issues; track record of substantial contributions to knowledge on feminist and inequality issues in Europe; track record of collaboration and solidarity; public spirit; originality; insight into their chosen field; and potential for future contribution to knowledge.

Thematic focus

The FLAX Foundation generates and supports innovative research and knowledge on feminist and inequality issues in Europe, in order to contribute to a society with more social justice, equality and solidarity. By providing researchers with the space and time to immerse themselves in their work, and by helping to showcase that work, the FLAX Foundation seeks to especially stimulate the development of social sciences and the humanities when it comes to inequalities and social justice.

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organized by IWM, funded by FLAX Foundation