Zaven Babloyan


Executive Director, Oko Publishing House, Kharkiv

(September 2014)


Vicissitudes of Ethics in War and Authoritarianism: Psychoanalytic Interpretations. The Ukrainian Case.

In recent years, I have been trying to understand the ethical choices of Ukrainians using psychoanalytical concepts and frameworks. It seems that psychoanalysis, together with anthropological studies and modern history, can provide some grounds for the description of different patterns of political and social behavior in Ukraine today from an ethical point of view. The fundamental and insightful investigations into the human condition of war and authoritarian rule during the last century made by prominent psychoanalysts, starting from Freud and Reich to Roger Money-Kyrle and Henry Dicks, are of great help in this task.


Kharkiv Talks in a Viennese Kitchen – On Revolution, War and Literature in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Revolution and the war in the east seen through the eyes of a Kharkiv intellectual.
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