Yustyna Kravchuk


PhD candidate in Film and Media Studies, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

Paul Celan Visiting Fellow
(January – March 2016)


Judith Butler: Frames of War. When Is Life Grievable? (English > Ukrainian)

Judith Butler’s Frames of War explores the mechanisms of the representation of armed conflict and state violence in the Western media by analyzing different frames through which we experience war. Since Butler’s expansive theoretical corpus is little known in Ukraine, my project aims, first of all, to introduce some of her key concepts to Ukrainian intellectual debate. Furthermore, Butler’s philosophical perspective is highly relevant to the ongoing discussion about Russian propaganda and its role in the escalation of violence in Eastern Ukraine. Butler poses crucial ethical questions of survivability, vulnerability, affect, sexual politics, and torture, which have been a matter of concern for Ukrainian intellectuals and journalists in the last years.


Self-Reflection Through the Visual: Notes on Some Maidan Documentaries

On a formal level, the images win a subjectivity of their own, in a similar way to the people -- the main protagonist of all the abovementioned films -- who gain their political subjectivity during the course of revolutionary struggle. If there is any universal truth about Maidan, then it can be articulated like this: people with their own hands, their own efforts and will ousted the oppressive political regime from power.
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