Yuri Radchenko

Lecturer, Institute of Oriental Studies and International Relations, Kharkiv Collegium

Junior Visiting Fellow, Ukraine in European Dialogue
(January – June 2018)


Andriy Melnyk: the OUN Leader’s Life History and the Memory of Him
and His Movement

The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists’ (OUN) has drawn the attention of numerous researchers, publicists, politicians and activists. Many academic texts address the question of OUN members’ participation in the persecution and massacre of members of Ukraine’s Jewish, Polish and disloyal Ukrainian population, carried out under the command of Stepan Bandera. Research has also been conducted on Taras Borovets (Bulba) and his movement. Yet no work exists on the OUN’s activity under Andriy Melnyk. Moreover, apart from a few propaganda publications, Melnyk’s biography remains practically unstudied. My research attempts to fill this gap.