Vladislav Inozemtsev


Professor of Economics at Higher School of Economics; Director, Centre for Post-Industrial Studies, Moscow

Guest, Russia in Global Dialogue
(April 2016)


Russia in Search for a New Model of Democracy

Everybody knows by now that Russia is not a democratic country, but, contrary to the majority of authoritarian states, its society consists of people who personally feel quite free. In 2010 I called this phenomenon “a free society under authoritarian control”. Later on, I criticized the paradigm of ‘sovereign democracy’ and presented the alternative concept of ‘preventive democracy’, proposing to introduce in Russia something resembling the system that was used for advanced modernization in some Asian countries, most notably Singapore. This needs to be explored more profoundly in order to assess the nature and perspectives of Russian-style ‘democracy’.

Previous stays at the IWM:
November-December 2014, Visiting Fellow, Russia in Global Dialogue
2012-2013, Visiting Fellow



A New Eurasian Union: Mission Impossible?

What is the future of the Eurasian Union presently promoted by Russia’s authorities? Vladislav Inozemtsev's lecture focused on the economic and financial aspects of the Union and discussed various obstacles related to its implementation.
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The Folly of “Imperial Integration”

In recent years, one may have witnessed a widening gap between the discourse promoted by the Russian leadership regarding the creation of a Eurasian Union incorporating Russia, the states of Central Asia, and, presumably, Ukraine and the growing discontent of the Russian public.
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The Lost Decade

The new book by Vladislav Inozemtsev, School’s expert and well-known economist and political writer is now out, published by Moscow School. The book consists of the articles published along 2002 – 2011. The main point of the book is that the country and the world achieved nothing in the first decade of the XXI century. …
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Democracy versus Modernization. A Dilemma for Russia and for the World

This book seeks to “re-think democracy.” Over the past years, there has been a tendency in the global policy community and, even more widely, in the world’s media, to focus on democracy as the “gold standard” by which all things political are measured. This book re-examines democracy in Russia and in the world more generally, …
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Putin’s Self-Destruction: Russia’s New Anti-Corruption Campaign Will Sink the Regime

This spring has been almost eerily calm in Russia. The protest movement, which coalesced after the rigged parliamentary elections in the autumn of 2011, has all but disintegrated, and hopes for substantive political opening have faded. High-profile liberals are in retreat or retirement, a dozen opposition activists are in jail, and President Vladimir Putin’s will is unchallenged. Even the weather has been nice, perhaps lulling the Kremlin into believing that it has little to fear. In fact, it does ...
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Power as Business in Putin’s Russia

Why the State and the People in Russia Seem to Be Satisfied with Each Other In this lecture Inozemtsev will look at how public service was transformed in Russia during Putin’s reign into the most profitable business, and will attempt to explain why for such a long time the majority of the population tolerates this ...
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