Vlad Odobescu


Freelance journalist, Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism, Bucharest

Milena Jesenská Visiting Fellow
(October – December 2015)


The Hectares of Our Nation. Identity and Agriculture in Eastern Europe

Land ownership is causing patriotic tremors in Eastern Europe. Selling land to foreigners continues to be a highly disputed topic, ever since the negotiations on the EU accession treaties. This project will study the relationship between citizenship and land ownership. Is it related to the collectivization dramas of the 1950s or to an even more distant past? Does it create a new and rather silent division between East and West?


Shedding Light on Corruption: A Small Romanian Victory

“We see you”. This short message, projected on a building near the Romanian government's headquarters, was the main message from hundreds of thousands of people to their politicians. At 9 PM local time, on Sunday, 5 February 2017, some 250,000 people turned on their mobile phones' flashlights, in a symbolic gesture of “shedding light on corruption”. A total of 600,000 people gathered in Romania that night, making it the largest protest movement in the country since 1989.
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When Corruption Kills: A Romanian Tragedy

On November 3, around 30,000 demonstrators gathered in the center of Bucharest. They demanded the resignation of the prime minister, Victor Ponta, who had been accused of corruption-related crimes months before. There were cries of “Assassins” and “Shame on you”, and some people had banners reading “Corruption kills”. Ponta announced his resignation the next morning.
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