Veronica Anghel

PhD in Political Science, University of Bucharest

Junior Visiting Fellow
(January – December 2018)


Mechanisms of Modernization and Nation-State Institutionalization in Central and Eastern Europe
(19th – 21st Century)

The research is based on the assumption that the characteristic evolution of political and administrative state-run systems in Central and Eastern Europe (i.e. structural reform social and economic processes, specifics of social and political interactions) is funded on long-term historical evolutions and processes that go well beyond the communist experience, into the period of nation-states formation (mid 19th c.). It aims at uncovering divergent and discontinuous projects of modernization, leading to unaccomplished structural reformation and adaptation to contemporary Western standards and expectations.

Research team: Univ. Prof. Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu Ph.D. hab., Ph.D.h.c. (IWM Visiting Fellow), Veronica Anghel MA PolSci (IWM Junior Visiting Fellow), Univ. Prof. Bogdan Murgescu Ph.D. hab. (University of Bucharest, Romania), Univ. Prof. Lucian Leustean Ph.D. hab. (University of Iasi, Romania)


The project is funded by Iulius Management Center, Iași.