Urszula Jabłońska


Freelance journalist and non-fiction writer, Gazeta Wyborcza

Milena Jesenská Visiting Fellow
(October – December 2018)


The Children of the Future

Currently I am working on a book about European communes in the 70’s. The book will be based on interviews with the people who created them and their children, who were raised there and are now adults. The main goal of the book is to deal with the social ideals of the 70’s like co-living, cooperation, direct democracy and multiculturalism. In today’s Europe we can observe a clear turn to the right, and those ideals seem to be less important than nationalism, tradition and isolation. Why did people grow disillusioned with them? This topic can be analysed on many levels. In my book I would like to focus on the level of the family. I will try to answer this question following the lives of two generations – parents and children – analysing their experiences, ideals, values and attitudes towards family life. The broad scope of events pictured in the book will allow the reader to reflect on social changes in Europe from the post-war period until today.