Tom Junes


Visiting Researcher, Warsaw University, and Visiting Lecturer in Polish history, KULeuven, Belgium

Bronislaw Geremek Junior Visiting Fellow
(December 2011 – September 2012)


Rebellion, Hope and Frustration.
Coming of Age When the Cold War Ended

The end of the Cold War was an event with a tremendous impact on a generation of young people that came of age around 1989. The new unfolding reality posed new problems and challenges for said generation. My project aims to study the factors that influenced the birth of this generation – and its members’ consciousness – during the late 1980s and early 1990s from a transnational and comparative perspective through a series of area case studies in Europe and beyond.


An Unruly Younger Generation? Student Protest and the Macedonian Crisis

Student protest has been a regular occurrence in the Balkans in recent years. While the actions of students against austerity policies and budget cuts at Greek universities or the Gezi protests in Istanbul gained wider international notoriety, it was the western Balkan countries that provided for a model of student protest action that has been emulated throughout the region.
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Student Protest as the Trigger for the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine

By now it has been nearly forgotten how the events started that led to Yanukovych relinquishing power. Nevertheless, it was exactly on the grassroots level that some of the most interesting developments took place such as the appearance of a student protests movement which became crucial for the Euromaidan movement and whose fate paradoxically directly triggered the Revolution.
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Student Politics in Communist Poland: Generations of Consent and Dissent

Student Politics in Communist Poland tackles the topic of student political activity under a communist regime during the Cold War. It discusses both the communist student organizations as well as oppositional, independent, and apolitical student activism during the forty-five-year period of Poland’s existence as a Soviet satellite state. The book focuses on consecutive generations of …
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Students Take Bulgaria’s Protests to the Next Level. Can They Break the Political Stalemate?

Since late October, Bulgarian students, demanding the resignation of the government, have occupied and blockaded lecture halls at universities in Sofia and beyond. The students' actions have come following more than four months of continuous anti-government demonstrations which were provoked by the cynicism of the country's political class and its perceived endorsement of widespread state-sponsored corruption.
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