Steven Holmes


Walter E. Meyer Professor of Law, New York University School of Law

(April – May 2016)


Counter-Revolution: The Revolt Against the World America Made

The principal aim of the co-authored book on which I will be working while at IWM (together with Permanent Fellow Ivan Krastev) is to explain the deep sources and profound consequences of this worldwide backlash against globalization which is simultaneously a multilateral revolt against the international order created and maintained by American power. Our aim is to produce a new interpretation of the instability and turbulence now engulfing the American-led world order, an international system that was first built after WWII, that vastly increased its global reach after the end of the Cold War, and that is now being severely challenged and perhaps dismantled before our eyes.


Putin’s Losing Streak – The Malaysia Airlines Disaster and the New Sanctions on Russia

Putin’s march into Ukraine last spring did not change the world. It barely even changed Europe. The EU hesitated to label the aggression as an act of war. And, although the United States and the EU agreed to impose sanctions on Moscow, the real debate in Western capitals was not how to respond, but rather, how to express resolve while doing as little as possible.
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