Sławomir Sierakowski


Director, Institute for Advanced Study, Warsaw; Founder, “Krytyka Polityczna” movement

Bronisław Geremek Visiting Fellow
(July 2014 – April 2015)


Accursed Answers: Communism, Capitalism, Nationalism. The Intellectual Biography of Czesław Miłosz

“What is not a biography does not exist at all”, said Stanislaw Brzozowski, an influential Polish philosopher. Based on said words, I shall study the intellectual biography of Czeslaw Milosz, whose works may appear well-known and exploited, yet the opposite is true. Milosz is concerned with “the pressure of necessity” which can break even the strongest character. I want to elaborate on this thesis with the help of social psychology, especially studies on cognitive dissonance, social influence and obedience. Milosz’s attitude towards Poland is complicated and studies are distorted by the Polish desire to have a national hero for the hard times of communist dictatorship.

Previous stays at the IWM:
2011, Milena Jesenská Visiting Fellow


Putin’s Useful Idiots

André Gide auf seiner Reise durch die UdSSR 1936 / © RGAKFD, unbekannter Fotograf
Western intellectuals have long had a soft spot for Russia. Voltaire, the French teacher of tolerance and a great friend of Catherine the Great, said that he would gladly move to Russia, though only if its capital were Kiev, not icy St. Petersburg.
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The west must act on Ukraine – but nobody wants to pay the price

Sanctions on Russia are vital for the credibility of democracy, but politicians believe citizens will not tolerate economic sacrifice.
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Has the West Already Lost Ukraine?

When, on Saturday, Ukraine’s new leaders thanked all of those who had contributed to the overthrow of President Viktor F. Yanukovych, the European Union was one of the last to be cited. And deservedly so: At the height of the crisis, the most the union was ready to do was announce sanctions against individual members of Mr. Yanukovych’s regime
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Who is the Biggest Supporter of Ukraine?

Oleh Kotsyuba (Krytyka, Ukraine) speaks with Sławomir Sierakowski (Krytyka Polityczna, Poland) about the events in the aftermath of Ukrainian President’s decision not to sign the Association and Free Trade Agreement with the European Union.
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Open Letter to the Parties:
Time for the Neo-Dissidents

  No liberal democracy, political party, market economy, or human right is set in stone. People created these concepts, and people have the power to destroy them. These social constructs are often elevated to the rank of universal laws or endowed with a sacred permanence; they carry on, immutable, even when utterly stripped of the …
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