Ranabir Samaddar



Distinguished Chair in Migration and Forced Migration Studies Calcutta Research Group

Visiting Fellow
(January – March 2019)


Revisiting the Age of Migration

I am finalizing my book, provisionally titled “The Postcolonial Age of Migration”. The book’s sub-themes are (i) postcolonial histories of immigration, (ii) the refugee and migrant economy, (iii) statelessness, (iv) the dissociation of power and responsibility in the refugee care regime, (v) promises and paradoxes of a global humanitarian compact, (vi) the sociological significance of the keywords in the literature on refugee care, (vii) the refugee “crisis” in European history, and (viii) revisiting Stephen Castles’ classic “The Age of Migration”, plus an introductory chapter. I will be revising and binding them together into a book.




Previous stays at the IWM:
March – April 2018, Guest
January 2017, Guest


Fifty Years After Naxalbari, Popular Movements Still Have Lessons to Learn

In 1967, an armed rebellion by peasants in Naxalbari, a hitherto unknown village in northern Bengal, broke out that was to leave its imprint not just on the politics of the time but on the course of radical movements all the way down to the present.
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If You Push for Regime Change, You Get the Refugees Too

Indians, Pakistanis and others have a right to question Europe on its immigration and citizenship policies, not just because of the presence of Asians and Africans in Europe but because none of the European countries have borne the flow of refugees that the South has seen.
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