Piotr Kubasiak


PhD candidate in Catholic Theology, University of Vienna; Research Assistant, “Akademie am Dom”, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna

Krzyzstof Michalski Junior Visiting Fellow
(May – November 2018)


What Is It That Holds Europe Together?
Spiritual Foundations and New Fields of Research

The significance of Krzysztof Michalski lies not only in his new approaches to Nietzschean research and his reinterpretation of Christianity, but also in his activities on behalf of the advancement of European unity. Through his reflections on the foundations of Europe, the establishment of several institutions as well as practical activities in the field of European unity, he played a defining role in the construction of the European project. As part of this PhD project, Michalski’s ideas on the spiritual foundations of Europe will be identified, and by working with his estate, new possible fields of research will be pointed out.



Previous stays at the IWM:
September 2016–June 2017, Bronislaw Geremek Junior Visiting Fellow