Piotr Koryś


Adjunct Professor of Economic Sciences, University of Warsaw

Bronislaw Geremek Visiting Fellow
(October 2016 – July 2017)


Discontinuity and Economic Development. A New Approach to the Modern Economic History of the Polish Lands in the 19th and 20th century

During my stay in Vienna I want to offer a new interpretation of the modern economic history of the Polish lands–the former territory of the Kingdom of Poland, partitioned by Austria, Russia and Prussia, reunited in 1918 as the 2nd Republic of Poland and reshaped after WWII. The axis of my interpretation is a ‘discontinuity’ (of institutions, of the economy, and of the society), which determined the periods of economic and civilizational convergence and divergence with the Western core during the last two centuries.

Previous stays at the IWM:
1999, Junior Visiting Fellow



Conservatism as an Answer to Liberalism in Politics: The Case of Contemporary Poland

The main subject of these considerations is conservatism as an economic ideology. The author takes it for granted that the economic views of conservatives are coherent with the core of ideology, and, in this way, grounded in political philosophy. It also is obvious that the ideology is an easier, more trivial and sometimes degenerated version of political philosophy since it must be useful in political practice. In the beginning I shall formulate a thesis about the coexistence of ideologies and the real world, then I shall concentrate on the definition of ideology, and in particular, on the definition of conservatism that is created for empirical analysis...
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