Philipp Ther

Junior Professor of Polish and Ukrainian Studies, Europa-Universität Frankfurt / Oder

2006 Guest
2004-2005 Körber Visiting Fellow





The Burden of History and the Trap of Memory

Erzwungene Wege ["Forced journeys"] is the title of the newly opened exhibition at the German Historical Museum in Berlin on the history of forced migration in Europe. It has been organized by the German League of Expellees, which represents Germans forced to migrate after WWII, and is a step towards the League's goal to set up a permanent exhibition in the German capital. The exhibition has been the source of ongoing diplomatic conflict between Germany and its eastern neighbours – above all Poland – since the League called on Poland to pay compensation to former German owners of Polish property and even opposed Poland's accession to the EU. Philipp Ther outlines the background of the historical conflict between Germany and Poland, the reasons behind the paradigm shift from culprit to victim in the German view of its history, and the enduring and very different memory in Poland of the German occupation.
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Die gefälschte Wahl in der Ukraine – eine Niederlage für Europa

Durch die Fälschung der Präsidentschaftswahlen ist die Ukraine erstmals seit der Unabhängigkeit auf den Titelseiten der großen europäischen Zeitungen präsent. Anlass für die Schlagzeilen sind der offensichtliche Wahlbetrug und die Bilder von Hunderttausenden Demonstranten.
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