Oleksiy Radynski

Editor-in-chief of Krytyka Polityczna, Kiev; Columnist for krytykapolityczna.pl and openspace.ru

Milena Jesenská Fellow
(July – September 2011)


The End of Sport

The recent years saw an increasing transformation of sports into a powerful tool to foster both ideological and financial interests of existing powers. Spectacular international events are said to provide a great stimulus to the economies of developing countries like South Africa, which was the host of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and Poland and Ukraine where the 2012 UEFA Championship is to be held. However, the preparations to this event, which have lasted in Poland and Ukraine since 2007, are used as a pretext to legitimize the privatization and commercialization of the social sphere as well as of the public space. This research is focused on social transformation in countries which held major sport events recently and those which are about to hold them in the nearest future.