Niccoló Milanese

Philosopher, author, Director, European Alternatives, Paris

Europe’s Futures, Non-Resident Fellow
(September 2019–June 2020, in residence September 2019)


Where does Europe end? The Political Significations of Europe’s Uncertain Geographies

A first task will be to think through the specific set of geographical uncertainties affecting the EU as a geopolitical space of belonging and agency (which are of course to some extent studied amongst specialists on the European Union and amongst globalization theorists) and to relate these to the philosophical literature theorizing territory. An older European series of controversies does theorize territory separately from sovereignty in different historical conditions, with different preoccupations, and a comparison of these with the contemporary debate will be a useful mise en perspective. A third task will then be to holistically reevaluate contemporary political uncertainties around Europe’s geographies not with the objective of resolving them, but with the objective of clarifying why they are troubling, believing that this self-awareness may open possibilities for political action.