Maria Teteriuk


PhD candidate in Mass Communications and senior lecturer in Media Studies, National University of ‘Kyiv-Mohyla Academy’, Ukraine

Junior Visiting Fellow, Ukraine in European Dialogue
(January – June 2016)


Political Discourse on LGBT Rights in Ukraine Before and After EuroMaidan

Applying the method of discourse analysis to policy documents and messages taken from mainstream online media, this research aims to compare pre- and post-Maidan structural conditions of sexual politics in Ukraine, political alliances involved in the struggle on LGBT rights, and the articulation strategies used by opponents and proponents of LGBT rights. The aim of this project is to explore intersections between sexuality, citizenship, and democracy in particular contexts of post-Maidan transformation and to identify changes in articulations of LGBT rights which occurred after the EuroMaidan revolution.


Between ‘the Russian World’ and ‘the Ukrainian Nation’: Kyiv Pride before and after Euromaidan

Ukrainian LGBT movement is the logical product of the Ukrainian social, economical, and political context. For queer politics to appear in Ukraine, different conditions and possibilities have to be created. It will take years for currently isolated queer activists to rearticulate the existing heteronormative order through many scattered tactical interventions into the public sphere.
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