Maria Lipman


Former editor-in-chief, Pro et Contra, Carnegie Moscow Center

Visiting Fellow, Eurasia in Global Dialogue
(March 2020)


Historical Memory and the Erection, Demolition, and Translocation of Historical Monuments

In recent years, governments and citizens everywhere from Eastern Europe to North America and Africa have torn down historical monuments in pursuit of historical justice. Russia experienced such paroxysms of iconoclasm three times in the 20th century, but following the collapse of the Soviet Union embarked on a wave of monument building. In my project I explore the dynamics and causes of this monument fever, and what it tells us about post-Soviet nation-building in Russia. My second goal is to compare the situation in Russia with that in other countries.

Previous stays at the IWM:

November 2014, Guest, Russia in Global Dialogue


The Kremlin’s New Ideology: Forceful but Fuzzy

The ideology of Putin’s regime can be described both by what it articulates or implies, and by what it avoids or omits. For example, it proclaims Russia’s greatness and emphasizes the perception of the West as a hostile force. Russia’s “special path” is its major tenet, but the nature of this “special path” is left vague.
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