Margus Ott


Ph.D. Candidate in Philosophy, University of Tallinn

Paul Celan Visiting Fellow
(July – September 2012)


Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz: Selected Writings
(French / Latin -> Estonian)

Despite the obvious significance of Leibniz’ œuvre as a timeless classic of modern philosophy, only two of his short writings have so far been published in Estonian. My translation project will help to fill this gap by making available a larger and more representative selection of key texts, most notably Monadology and Discourse on Metaphysics. These essays set out a metaphysics based on real units that Leibniz called ‘monads’, every one of which expresses the whole world, with varying degrees of clarity. In my afterword, I shall compare this concept with the Mahayana Buddhist notion of ‘Indra’s net’ and with the emerging discipline of biosemiotics.