Lipin Ram


PhD candidate and teaching assistant in Anthropology and Sociology of Development, Graduate Institute, Geneva

Junior Visiting Fellow
(September 2015 – January 2016)


Rethinking Democratic Politics: Affect, Violence and Communist Politics in North Kerala

My project seeks to comprehend the complex ways in which the abstract idea of democratic politics finds polyphonic and apparently contradictory socio-cultural articulations. Through an ethnography of everyday politics of the communist activists in North Kerala, the project follows the social worlds of the communists as they engage in democratic politics through a multitude of practices that range from the constitution of ‘belonging’ to violence.


Rohith Vemula: Death and Resistance at the University

Dalit students committing suicide in institutions of higher education in India has become endemic. In Hyderabad itself, between 2007 and 2013 there have been eleven cases of student suicides, and most of them have been Dalits. And yet, it took the death of someone as outspoken and ‘public’ as Rohith Vemula for the issue to be brought to public attention with any sense of urgency.
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