Kinga Marulewska


Ph.D. candidate in Political Science, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Toruń

Bronislaw Geremek Junior Visiting Fellow
(October 2013 – July 2014)


Quis judicabit? Carl Schmitt’s Early Theory of Sovereignty (1910 – 1945) in the Context of Pluralism (Laski) and Normativism (Kelsen)

One of the major tasks of political science is to go beyond the political experience of everyday life and to analyse it—as a next step—by means of concepts. Such political experiences currently of importance in Europe are the questioning of the modern state and the loss of national sovereignty. Therefore it is essential to introduce approaches which enable us to rethink our political situation. One of these approaches is Carl Schmitt’s concept of sovereignty which opposes the deconstruction advocated by Laski and Kelsen and refers more to the classical theory espoused by Hobbes and Bodin.