Karolina Wigura

Karolina Wigura

Adjunct, Department of the History of Ideas and Cultural Anthropology, University of Warsaw; Co-Editor of Kultura Liberalna

(July 2015)


Previous stays at the IWM:
September 2012 – June 2013, Bronisław Geremek Junior Visiting Fellow

Former Project:
Fear and Politics of Fear in Post-Communist Countries. The Cases of Poland, Ukraine, and the Former GDR

My project seeks to investigate the presence and articulations of fear in Poland, Ukraine, and the former GDR in the years after the democratic breakthrough of 1989. In particular, I shall focus on the following questions: is there a common nature of fear in those three countries, due to the long-time rule of totalitarian/authoritarian, brutal regimes, still present after 1989? What are the ways in which fear is articulated in the public sphere and employed in the political arena? And how does this relate to patterns of habituation and to attempts at canalizing that fear?


Affluent Poles Looking at Ukraine – Too much Lecturing, not enough Support

Poland has become a part of Western Europe – for better or for worse. In the face of the escalating Ukrainian conflict it definitely seems for worse. The Poles have become wealthy enough to forget where they were 25 years ago. The memories of our own poor condition are so faded that we can no longer empathize with the Ukrainians’ violent struggle. And yet it seems so easy to keep convincing everyone in Brussels that Poland will teach its European partners to think in terms of solidarity.
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Wie Roma immer weiter an den Rand gedrängt werden

"Anti-Roma-Rhetorik und Anti-Roma-Politik sind heute parteiübergreifende Phänomene. Sie sind auf der Linken, auf der Rechten, an den politischen Rändern und auch im Zentrum anzutreffen. Nicht nur in Mittelosteuropa, in ganz Europa wird in der Roma-Politik seit Jahrzehnten ein Diskriminierungskurs gefahren", sagt Karolina Wigura, Bronis?aw Geremek Junior Visiting Fellow am IWM 2013, in einem Gastkommentar der Presse.
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Frivolous cohabitation.
Preparing the soil for a Jobbik takeover?

János Mátyás Kovács, a Hungarian economist, talks to Karolina Wigura about deep sources of Jobbik’s popularity and longue durée consequences of Victor Orban’s legal carpet bombing.
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