James Dodd

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Special Advisor to the Dean on Faculty Affairs, New School for Social Research

(June 2018)



Europe, Critique, and Religious Life.
Jan Patočka’s Reflections on Christianity

My project approaches Patocka’s reflections on Christianity and religion from the perspective of two groups of questions. The first has to do with the general problem of the relation between phenomenological philosophy and religion: to what extent does Patocka’s understanding of phenomenology as a critical philosophical form of existence, one that he sees at the core of European spiritual life, frame his understanding of Christianity? The second has to do with the specific problem of Nietzsche: what for Patocka is left of or for Christianity, in the wake of Nietzsche’s critique? The aim of my project is to develop a dialogue with Patocka’s thinking in the context of contemporary debates on phenomenology and theology, as well as the philosophy of history.

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