Irina Prokhorova


Russian intellectual and democratic politician; President, Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation; owner and editor-in-chief, New Literary Observer publishing house, Moscow

Guest, Russia in Global Dialogue
(May 2018)

Former Project:

The Anthropology of Closed Societies

This project is an attempt at an alternative view on Russian and European history of the last 300 years through re-evaluating the notion and genesis of Modernity, its main characteristics and various consequences to the fates of different countries. The goal is to study the phenomenon of „closed societies“—like Imperial and Soviet Russia, Franco‘s Spain or Nazi Germany—from the perspective of the theory of „multiple modernities“. Using an anthropological approach the project is mainly focusing on the level of society and individuals. It explores the common strategies of individual as well as corporate survival and resistance, and studies the alternative ways of evolution and development which ultimately led to the opening up of these rigid and self-isolated cultures.

Previous stays at the IWM:
April – May 2016, Guest
February 2011, Guest
2009, Guest