Huercan Asli Aksoy


Ph.D. candidate in Political Science, University of Tübingen

Junior Visiting Fellow
(January – March 2015)


Beyond Protests and Corruption Scandals: Turkey’s Democratic Future and Changing International Relations

In recent years, Turkey’s much celebrated democratic consolidation lost its momentum. The government has widened its control over the judiciary and constrained civil liberties. The increasingly authoritarian behavior of the government, especially after the Gezi Park protests and corruption scandals in 2013, along with challenges in foreign policy alienate
citizens and threaten the country’s stability. My project seeks to analyze the interplay between the developments in domestic and international politics and their impact on Turkish democracy.



Knowns and Unknowns behind Turkey’s Failed Coup

Although Turkey has meager democratic credentials, a military intervention is not a solution for re-establishing or consolidating democracy in Turkey. Surprisingly, the deeply divided Turkish political scene was unified in condemning the coup attempt and Gulen’s movement.
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